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I really really want a bonnet. Preferrably one from Ophanim~ <3 Her's are so lovely and amazing but her etsy is down and it makes my soul unhappy. ;_;


Blue stuff

I wish someone would buy my metamorphose boystyle set : (
but that's not what this post is aboutCollapse )


Writer's Block: The nickname game

Which nicknames have you given to your friends, and why? Have they embraced them?

One of my best friends, her nickname is Roxy cause she cosplays as my Roxas (I'm her Axel) and she doesn't mind me calling her that at all. If I call her by her real name she actually finds it a bit strange =) Her mom knows I call her Roxy, my mom knows and all of our friends haha I dont think I could call her anything else really and when I'm trying to reference her I find it difficult to actually say her real name lol!

Writer's Block: Almost like a song

How would you describe your ideal romantic partner in six words?

"Can't describe you in six words"


Ah! There are so many cosplay I want to do and do NOW but alas I have no money! Why? Cause Lolita is taking it all! No not really but...really.

Moving right along, for AnimeBoston this year I'm going to be Dain from Deltora Quest which is totally exciting! I love Dain he's all types of wonderful! I'd tag the people I'm working with but I don't know hooow.

I'm also doing Shihoudani Yuujirou from Princess Princess (I think or I might be doing Tooru -_-;;) but either way! I love him so much. He's wonderfully seme and dom uke? at the same time.

And I'm doing Gakupo on Sunday. I dont really like vocaloid* more like I dont like Miku (the long blue haired one?) sheeee's a pain to listen to and to look at.

So that's the rundown for AB I think.. lord knows it going to change a few more times hahaha

And before AB is Genericon for us upstate people <3 <3 I have no idea what I'm doing for that. I want to be someone who'll keep me warm like Axel but I have to (have someone else) redo his hair which is DEVIL and make a new Orgy coat. The one I have is too big on me and doesn't do Axel the justice of showing off how FLIPPING SKINNY HE IS D< and if I'm going to be Axel I kinda really need a Roxas... we're best friends...and stuff.

And I could be Ace from Heart no Kuni or I could just dress in loli XD or I could be Dark Link or the Joker from Heart no Kuni or Alice from DDR

Ah~ so many things to decide!

oh the choices!

Honestly I just want to be Zidane from FFIX or Tidus from FFX <3 or Kasche from MONSTER COLLECTION <3 <3 but Corvo would work too that smexy beast~ <3

Or Sora... I would love to be Sora from KH since Roxas is getting all the love and I'm NOT feelin it.

oh what should I do? Genericon is like next month... ><

About the Old-School theme

So I was looking on Egl for a moment and noticed that the theme for Jan is old school and I was like: "Thank the Lord!"

I've only been into loli for a couple years and I've only worn it for less than a year but I LOVE the old school looks. Seriously loli nowadays dont know the difference between Ita and Oldschool! D< and I'm not just talking about lace quality here!

You wear a blackXwhite coord with a decent amount of lace and you're intantly and ita. Bloody hell!

I can't wait to bust out some old school goodness! Seriously Meta's Sailor OPs and PlaidXLacy goodness I cant wait.

It kinda makes me wanna watch Kamakaze Girls again, just for some really decent reference pics. That came out in what, 2003? or something?

Anyway I'm excited <3